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A well-planned design truly reflects the personalities and tastes of those who live there. It starts by creating an integrated living environment that is both functional and attractive. It takes years of experience and ongoing education to successfully accomplish these things. This approach has earned KPSID a first-class reputation throughout Northern California as the leader in quality, professional designs.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide our clients with caring professional, quality interior design service at fair price; to fill their design needs beyond their expectations, guiding them through the design process with trust and confidence that their needs will be met.

Introducing KPSID

When it comes to creating an appealing living or work environment, there is really no substitute for proper planning. Knowing how different colors, fabrics and furnishings complement each other can mean the difference between a showplace and an expensive collection of clutter. But interior design is more than simply selecting carpets, window coverings, and furnishings. It's creating an integrated living environment that is both functional and attractive.

Since 1981 Kristine Passalacqua Studio of Interior Design has specialized in assisting homeowners and businesses of all sizes with their interior design and furnishing needs.

We Design for Our Clients' Tastes, Not Our Own Egos

Since everyone's tastes are different, we treat each job with the individual attention it deserves. That's why, before we begin any design work, we get to know our clients. After all, the better we know your likes and dislikes, the easier it is to create an environment that truly reflects your lifestyle. That is why we have you fill out our questionnaire before we meet.

Two (Or Three) Heads Are Better Than One

When it comes to something as personal or subjective as your home or office, we feel it is important to work as a team. So every member of our design team, including Kristine Passalacqua herself, personally reviews every design before it goes to the client.

It's an approach that we believe makes an awful lot of sense. And one that no doubt has helped us earn our reputation for quality, customer satisfaction, and personalized service.

Residential Design Services

In this day and age of designer shoes, designer purses, and even designer food, too many people think that the inside of their home has to mirror society's latest fads and trends. We believe otherwise.

Interior Design that Fits Your Lifestyle

You see, we believe that a person's home really is his or her castle. We also believe that residential design should reflect the personalities and tastes of the people who live there, not the designer. Your home should provide a sense of comfort and relaxation, along with an opportunity for you to enjoy your favorite hobbies and pastimes. That's why our designs don't come out of a book or trend-setting magazine. In fact, in some cases, they come right from our clients themselves.

We have found that many of our clients have a general idea of what they like and dislike. Yet, most can't visualize how different design components will affect each other. That's where KPSID can help. We specialize in providing residential design solutions that are both functional and visually appealing.

A Global Approach

We start by examining the architectural layout of your home. We look at such factors as room sizes, light sources, window placements, and ceiling heights. Then we consider how you will use each room in the house. Finally, we put together a selection of furniture, window treatments, wall treatment, lighting, flooring, as well as accessories.

Environmental Responsibility

In addition to providing our clients with the option of having their design project created using "green" building and design products, we are committed to environmental responsibility, and pay special attention to energy efficiency, recycling, and re-using products whenever possible.

Commercial Design Services

Twenty years ago, most business people didn't know what ergonomics meant, let alone how to spell it. Yet today it is becoming an important part of every executive's vocabulary. That's because more and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of creating a pleasant work environment. And they're beginning to pay attention to things like ergonomically designed office furniture that fits each worker's body posture.

Increase Employee Productivity

Studies have shown that employees are far more productive when they are in a comfortable work place. That's why so many businesses are starting to recognize the importance of paying attention to interior design. Since 1981 KPSID has helped companies of all sizes create cost-effective work environments that encourage productivity and portray a professional image.

Commercial interior design is a complex endeavor. For not only must the colors, fabrics, textures and furnishings be attractive, they must also be durable, stimulating to the employee, neutral enough so they don't offend anyone, and, perhaps most importantly, they must accurately reflect the image the business wants to convey to visitors.

Design Services for Companies of All Sizes

For a larger company, we can create a space plan that is functional, practical, and attractive yet sensitive to the individual needs of each department. For a smaller firm, we can help design a pleasant work environment that maximizes the space efficiently and at the same time provides ample privacy for each employee.

We'll look at such things as interior traffic patterns, furniture, equipment, appliances, lighting, ventilation, storage, and environmental ambience. We'll work with your managerial staff and create an interior plan that meets everyone's needs.